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Training activities

TUEsday - 29/10/2013 05:10
1. To educate the knowledge of the economic integration for fisheries (in 01 day); risk analysis of food safety, safety epidemic, environmental safety (in 3 days)  
2. To educate the knowledge of quality management and food safety in fishing, fish farms, purchasing and processing units (in 5 days) After the training, participants can be able to build the quality management program for their units
3. Training good aquaculture practices according to VietGAP procedures; guidelines to develop VietGAP for pangasius, shrimp, tilapia (theory in 3 days, practice guidelines in 2 days) Trainers and certificates were recognized by the Directorate of Fisheries
4. To educate the knowledge of product traceability in all phases of seafood production chain – using codes and barcodes (in 3 days) After the training, participants can be able to build product traceability program for their units
5. Practical training assessment of food safety conditions for fishing boats, purchasing and processing boats, seafood purchasing and processing units (State and local) Meet the regulations of the Circular No. 14/2011/TT-BNNPTNT and No. 55/2011/TT-BNNPTNT
6 Practical training assessment for the units apply good aquaculture practices – VietGAP (State and local) Trainers and certificates of FITES were recognized by the Directorate of Fisheries
7 Training of trainers of fisheries extension methodology and skills; methods and communication skills; training skills at the scene. After the training, extension workers can be able to build their own plans; moreover, they can instruct other members to implement farming techniques and apply effective farming model 

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