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Editing Books, Science-Technology Documents

TUEsday - 29/10/2013 16:19
1 Develop the aquaculture extension materials for staff/trainer training programs;   Son La
2 Develop training documents for implementing monitoring and assessing system of rural environmental sanitation water; Hanoi
3 Develop food safety standards for fermented fish products produced in An Giang;   An Giang
4 Develop food safety standards for dried fish products produced in An Giang;  An Giang
5 Compile and edit instruction documents of risk analysis in agro-fishery food safety from FAO; Hanoi
6 Printing and releasing 10,000 handbooks of aquaculture extension for bookcase of poor villages in Son La province; Son La
7 Develop local technical regulations in food safety for dried fish producers in An Giang;  An Giang
8 Develop local technical regulations in food safety for fish source producers in An Giang;  An Giang
9 Dissemination of protecting agro-forest-fishery products through placing warning signs and regulations; Son La
10 Build up 2 extension materials (AFFS) for swamp eels and snakeheads An Giang
11 Publication of book for fisheries quality assurance Agriculture
Publishing house
12 Complication teaching materials (use images for swamp eels and snakeheads) for province/ district/ commune level extension staffs that were used to training materials for poor farmers An Giang
13 Build documentation guidelines of labor safety for risk assessment Hanoi
14 Build documentation guidelines to apply VietGAP for intensive pond culture of tilapia Hanoi
15 Develop lectures for training of VietGAP trainers Hanoi
16 Develop lectures relate to aquaculture sector Hanoi
17 Write a book of fish sauce processing in household scale; dry fish processing, fermented fish, fermented shrimp, small prawns sauce in household scale; question and answer of seafood safety; instruction to apply VietGAP standard in aquaculture Hanoi


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